About us


Tokaree means 'handbasket' in Hindi ... and that's exactly what we do!

Set up by the Comfort family (Lisa (of Sew Over It) and her husband, Matt, and parents, Therese and Jeremy. Tokaree is a wholehearted family affair. The business is run from London and Yorkshire, but it's fuelled by our shared interest in all things Indian.


The idea came during one of Lisa’s fabric-buying trips to Delhi back in 2013. She spotted the baskets and their kaleidoscopic colours in a craft market. After filling what little space she had left in her suitcase, she brought a selection back to the UK and mounted them on her kitchen wall. Beautiful and practical, they were the ultimate storage solution.


Over the next few years, almost everyone who popped by to Lisa’s flat complimented the baskets, and soon she found herself buying more and more for friends and family every time she returned to Delhi. It was then that we thought what a great idea it would be to import and sell the baskets in the UK.

After months of research, we finally tracked down the makers to a tiny village in Manipur, northeastern India. Then, through an NGO that helps unemployed women in the area find work, we formed a relationship with a local, who along with the local women, agreed to help us ship the baskets across India, and to the UK.


Handwoven by local craftsmen in Manipur, each basket takes between four and six hours to make. And if you wondered what gives the baskets their colour, the answer is simple: recycled cargo tape! Not only is it beautiful, but it is also durable, making the baskets as wipeable, waterproof and strong as they are striking.